Ronette L. Kolotkin, PhD
Quality of Life Consulting
732 Ninth Street #563
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 493-9995


Quality of Life Consulting

Ronette Kolotkin - Quality of Life Consulting
Photograph by Elif Soyer

Quality of Life Consulting, PLLC§, offers consulting services to companies and individuals regarding

  • The impact of weight and obesity on all aspects of quality of life
  • Research on quality of life
  • Research on obesity
  • Clinical trials for pharmacological and other treatments of obesity and related illnesses
  • Development and testing of products/materials for obese persons
  • Assessment and interpretation of quality of life data
  • IWQOL-Lite©†: a measure of weight-related quality of life for adults
  • IWQOL-Kids©‡: a measure of weight-related quality of life for children and adolescents aged 11 to 19
  • Treatment of obesity
  • Psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery

Ronette “Ronnie”. Kolotkin, Ph.D., is the sole proprietor of Quality of Life Consulting, PLLC.

§ Quality of Life Consulting is a North Carolina Professional Limited Liability Company

† Copyright Duke University

‡ Copyright Ronette L. Kolotkin and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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